Supply of ethyl alcohol

Gorbo Capital Group Inc. USA supplies ethyl alcohol anywhere in the world, outside the Russian Federation

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This certificate confirms the ability of the company Gorbo Capital Group Inc. It is possible to supply ethyl alcohol outside the Russian Federation, anywhere in the world!


Manufacturer - LLC AllianceSpirit

Tanks for the supply of alcohol
Equipment for pumping ethyl Alcohol


Equipment for pumping ethyl Alcohol
Containers for shipment and pumping of ethyl Alcohol


Realization of ethyl Alcohol, and also possible accompanying pumping equipment and possible container for shipment and pumping out of ethyl Alcohol from barrels metal with a double throat. Pumps for pumping Alcohol can be enclosed in containers for the buyer and included in the price of the goods. Metal containers with a volume of 50 liters or 200 liters will also be included in the price of the goods.

Shipment for export in containers of 20" and 40 " feet

Certificate of alcohol quality