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Three simple steps to investments
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Step 1. Beginning
Mother Company with the name Gorbo Capital, Inc. was legislated in 1995 and was re-legislated in 2004 under the name, close to initial mother company name as Gorbo Capital Group, Inc., (hereinafter called GCGI).
Projects GCGI
Step 2. Programs
Through its international links, GCGI in 2000 was entitled for the participation at USDA programs GSM102/103 and Facility Guaranty Programs. From that time, we are collaborating with few beneficiaries from Turkey and Argentina, as well in the Middle Asia.
Projects GCGI
Step 3. Processing
From 2005-2007 we activated our technological researches on crude oil processing, its marketing and trading with crude oil and crude oil derivatives. In addition to the above commodities, we are working with raw materials and high-tech products, road and general construction machines, diversified generators, modern high-tech construction materials.
Projects GCGI
Step 4. Road construction
From 2010 we started development of the stable platform for our operations as the specialized entity involved in drilling, boring, completion and other types of oil exploration equipment. During 2012 till now we are increasing volume of supplying special equipment for wells completion through oil field fracking.
Projects GCGI
Step 5. Technologies
Through the joint patented innovations, we are working with EU companies on specific projects for disintegration of specific ores, having color and precious metals in percentage, acceptable for industrial marketing as final products. Same technologies are in the process of the implementation at new Slovakian facility for manufacturing new highly stable paints, new highly effective chemicals for fracking and well water protection.
Projects GCGI
Step 6. Equipment
We have the positively improving situation with supplying parts of modern high-tech equipment, including general aviation equipment, air transportation equipment, including shipping aviation and marine services and/or airport equipment for air transport companies. With our US and European colleges we have straight marketing relations with more than 20,000 high-tech companies, manufacturing such equipment and spare parts for it.

In 2011, we have started implementation of the unique technology for the protection of tobacco packs, wine and perfume bottles and other original products from counterfeiting. We are now actively maintaining R&D works with the substantial funding for the establishment of special protection systems for above-mentioned products, as well as for the development of the system for protection various banking transactions from hackers.
Large scale works are carried out by us in the United States and abroad in regard to the construction of big scale underground storages for crude oil and condensates
We have established diversified links with multiple financial, banking and civil construction contractor’s communities, as well as with real estate mortgage (lending) institutions, which allow us to run our projects internationally and highly effectively. Projects, mentioned above, were developed through quantitative measurement of changes in the local and international markets, based upon sound analysis, special expertise and integrity.
Regarding the international construction projects involvement, our company mainly runs its strategy as Construction Management (CM hereinafter) Group, securing on turnkey basis full project completion on local commercial market and/or international market of the state, private the commercial levels of construction and/or reconstruction of existing and newly residential apartments and industrial facilities.
Trading projects are run through main company or sometimes through international JV structures, having local financial and market levers.
The combination of the above said, linked with aggressive trading trends for the implementation of our innovations, diversified raw products and high-tech equipment, as well as our team expertize in the international marketing gives us energy for moving forward to the standards of leading trading, consulting company in the years to come.
Our constant team comprises employees and consultants, project managers and engineers. Altogether with affiliated companies, size of our team of leaders is actually 50 professionals, such as financiers, managers, engineers, lawyers, scientists, programmers, accountants and others assistive employees, able to solve currently corporate problems according to our plans.
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