Ladies and gentlemen!
Recently, our company has been actively engaged in the development of the agricultural sector for the cultivation, processing and production of agricultural raw materials and food products in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.
We produce from raw materials and sell more than 80 types of food products to 27 countries around the world.
Main commodity items:
Wheat, Barley, Yellow corn, Soybeans, Rapeseed, Sunflower, Yellow mustard, Peas, Refined and crude sunflower oil, Soybean crude oil, Natural butter 82.5% fat, Wheat flour, Corn flour, Feed for farm animals - Soybean meal, Sunflower meal, Wheat bran, Chicken meat and products from it, Turkey meat, Sheep meat, Cow meat and other food products.
The availability of quality raw materials enables us to produce high-quality food products to order. For our clients, we are ready to produce and pack products in various packaging with the application of the names and trademarks of the customer.
Flexible payment terms and product range enable us to provide our customers with the best deals on the global trading market.
If you want to develop your business and increase your profits, please contact our specialists. Contacts are on a special page of the site.